Continuing Education

Legal Courses

  • Vicarious Trauma for Attorneys

Law Enforcement Courses

CLEST Certified Courses:

  • Level I Law Enforcement Response to Sexual Assault:
    • Course Topics (8 hr class):
      • Sexual Assault Overview
      • Rape Culture
      • Law Enforcement Response to Sexual Assault: Hospital Setting & Active Crime Scenes
      • Introduction to the Neurobiology of Trauma
      • Introduction to Interviewing Victims
  • Law Enforcement Response to Sexual Assault in a Confined Setting:
    • Course Topics (4 hr class):
      • Legal Overview
      • Jail Standards / PREA Review
      • Neurobiology of Trauma
      • Responding to Sexual Assaults as a Corrections Officer
      • Communicating with a Victim using a Victim-Centered Approach
      • Evidence Preservation / Collection
      • Report Writing
      • Practical Exercises

Non-CLEST Certified:

  • Law Enforcement Self-Care (2 hr class)

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Other Trainings:

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