Confronting Sexual Assault – brochure which includes myths & facts about sexual assault, what to do if you are assaulted, and information on the legal process.
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Incest: Sexual Abuse Within the Family – brochure which defines incest, what to do if you suspect incest, and information on help available for survivors of incest.
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Lesbians and Sexual Assault< – brochure’s discussing the problems that lesbians may face when assaulted, including fears about disclosure, and myths regarding lesbians and sexual assault.
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Male Survivors of Sexual Assault – brochure containing information concerning special issues facing male victims of sexual assault.
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Personal Safety Tips for Teens – brochure which discusses myths and facts about sexual assault, personal safety tips for parties and dates, how to help a friend who has been assaulted and what to do if you yourself have been assaulted.
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Rape in Marriage – brochure which describes what is marital rape, types of marital rape, myths and facts regarding marital rape, and marital rape law.
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Recovering from Sexual Assault: A Handbook – comprehensive manual which goes through step by step the process that a survivor of sexual assault encounters, including medical care, the emotional aftermath, rape trauma syndrome, criminal justice procedures, and the crime victims reparations act.
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Sexual Abuse of People with Developmental Disabilities – brochure which discusses the statistics regarding sexual abuse of people with developmental disabilities, symptoms to look for in a living environment, and how to make it safer.
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Sexual Abuse of People with Disabilities – brochure which discusses the prevalence of sexual abuse of people with disabilities, how to make it safer for them, and teaching children with disabilities to say no.
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Surfing the Net …A Guide for Parents to Reduce the Risk of On-line Exploitation – brochure which gives the relevant laws, guidelines for parents and guardians, and computer and other resources for reducing a child’s risk of on-line exploitation.
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Without Consent: Acquaintance Rape and Teens< – brochure which defines acquaintance rape, gives the common reactions to rape, and discusses the alcohol and drug connection to acquaintance rape.
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ACASA Brochure
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Guide for Parents
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Arkansas Coalition Against Sexual Assault  

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