About Us

Who We Are

We are a statewide coalition of individuals and organizations working together toward the elimination of sexual violence and advocating for sexual assault victims’ rights and services. ACASA provides cohesion, vision and resources to members, while working to change public attitudes and beliefs surrounding sexual violence issues.

Our Vision

We envision a world free of sexual violence in which men and women together assure that all human beings are treated with dignity and respect for their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual integrity.

Our Mission Statement

Through collaborative action, the Arkansas Coalition Against Sexual Assault advocates for the rights and needs of persons affected by all forms of sexual violence.

Our Beliefs

  • Sexual assault is not the fault of the victim; it is a decision made by
    the perpetrator.
  • Most sexual violence is a crime of power and control, and as such, is a
    matter of social justice.
  • Social justice cannot be fully achieved as long as sexual violence is allowed
    to continue.
  • Societal attitudes, cultural beliefs and institutional practices that
    perpetuate sexual violence and other social injustices must be challenged
    and changed.
  • All survivors of sexual violence deserve full, compassionate responses and
    access to quality services.
  • Men and women must be partners in ending sexual violence.
  • Survivors have a right to determine their own course of action.
  • To impact the underlying causes of sexual violence, ownership must
    shift from social services to the community as a whole.
  • The efforts of those who provide services to victims should be honored
    and supported.
  • Sexual Violence is a public health and safety issue and deserves the
    complete attention of our elected officials.

Our Staff

Monie Johnson – Executive Director

Monie Johnson joined ACASA as the Executive Director in August of 2014. Since that time she has moved the office from Fayetteville to Little Rock to be closer to the State Capitol and more centrally located. Over the past year the staff size has grown from 1.5 employees to 6, giving ACASA the opportunity to make a more substantial impact on ending sexual violence in our state. She is excited about new opportunities in the future.

Kiah Hall – State Advocate Coordinator

Kiah Hall joined ACASA in November of 2015. Her role is to provide training to rape crisis centers and at colleges/universities in order to strengthen their capacity to serve victims of sexual assault.

Jonathan Sheets – State Law Enforcement Coordinator

Jonathan Sheets joined ACASA in August of 2016. He is a CLEST certified law enforcement trainer. He also is currently writing an advisory benchbook on crimes of sexual violence in Arkansas. Jonathan has experience writing grants and is a licensed attorney.

Nita Bargen – State SART Coordinator

Nita Bargen joined ACASA in October 2015 as the State SART Coordinator. She is responsible with coming up with Sexual Assault Response Teams across the state. This will include law enforcement, prosecuting attorneys, advocacy, and healthcare examiners.

Megan Bowers – State SANE Coordinator


Will Anthony – Administrative Assistant/Grant Monitor