Imagine a World…

…Without Sexual Violence

ACASA believes that no one asks or deserves to be sexually assaulted; that anyone can be a victim of sexual assault; and that all of us have a role in making sexual violence in any form unacceptable in our communities.

ACASA is dedicated to bringing about change in our institutions, laws, policies, attitudes and beliefs that will allow women, children and men to live their lives free from the threat of sexual violence.

ACASA believes in raising awareness about this violent crime, being supportive of those who have been victimized, and holding offenders accountable.


Is your mother, daughter, sister, grandaughter’s safety from sexual violence worth $10 (OR MORE)?
Help us to end sexual violence and raise funds that are used to support some of the activities of the Rape Crisis Center’s across the state of Arkansas.

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Latest News

Out of the Shadows: A Tool for Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking.
The landmark Trafficking Victims Protection Act made trafficking in persons a federal crime in 2000, but the greatest obstacle to rescuing victims of human trafficking is identifying them. To make identifying these people easier…
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“Can You Call it ‘Rape’ If He Makes You an Omelet in the Morning?”
Until the day she found herself checked into Vanderbilt Hospital’s Psychiatric Center, Sarah Thomas referred to a sexual assault at the end of her freshman year of college as simply a ‘very bad night.
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Nonconsensual Sex: How Colleges Rebranded Rape
Schools had policies about rape, and recognized that rape happened. But when it came down to it, they just didn’t want to believe their own students actually raped.
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